We Build Beautiful Materials

Our team of talented artists can build pretty much any environmental texture that you need. Reach for the stars, and if you can’t find them – leave it to us. We’ll build them for you.

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Everything Is Included

Gone are the days where you have to tile a texture by hand, we do all that for you – and much much more! All downloads include Normal Maps, Specular Maps, Gloss Maps, Height Maps and even some extra goodies. Life is good.

Powered By Substance

Our library is powered by 1,500+  powerful Substance files, which come with all subscriptions.  Take any texture and use it with drag-and-drop functionality in any Substance powered software.

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Questions & Answers

What format are your Substance Downloads delivered in? SBS or SBSAR?

All of our Substance files are delivered in an archived SBSAR format. If you need customizations made to any of our SBSARs to make them fit your project more, just ask. We’re happy to help.

Do I need any special tools or software to use these materials?

Yes and No. These materials will work with any game engine – it is highly recommended that you download the free Substance Player from Allegorithmic.com in order to access the amazing feature our substances offer.

Does my download limit accumulate month-to-month?

At the beginning of each billing period your downloads will reset to whatever your current subscription plans defaults are.

Downloads do NOT accumulate.

How often do you release new materials?

We release brand new materials every day!

Can I unsubscribe at any time, and continue to use materials I’ve downloaded?

Yes! Your license covers all materials downloaded while you were a live, paying customer – so, if you decide to cancel, you may continue using materials in your project.

Can I continue to use my download credits after my subscription expires?

You may continue to download products until your current billing period expires.

Can I start with a Hobbyist License, and upgrade to a commercial license when my game is ready?

Absolutely. Our pricing is structured to be as fair as possible to indie developers. You may upgrade your license to commercial when you’re ready 🙂

What PBR Workflow are your materials in?

Great question! All of our materials are built using the Specular / Gloss workflow. We have conversion tools built which will convert our materials to work in your game engine of choice. Learn more here >