Fix your Wacom Drivers WITHOUT restarting! [Win] Update!

W e’ve all been there. Sometimes I catch myself wondering how many hours of man-time I’ve lost due to people having to restart their computers because their Wacom just magically stopped working. You find yourself wondering if it’s you who is doing something wrong, that somehow you crashed the driver. You’re probably wrong. Wacom’s drivers have been famously unpredictable for years. I’ve been using since the Intous 2, and they were still garbage back then. After all those years of using a Wacom, I’ve figured out a pretty neat trick to restart that driver without restarting the computer.



Important Update

If you are using a newer Wacom Tablet, the service you are looking for will be called “Wacom Professional Service” and NOT “TabletServicesWacom” – If you STILL cannot find it, it may be called ”

Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service” So, if you cannot find one, try searching for the other. Thanks to  Ricky Curtin for the update!

Step One 

Go to your start menu and open it, type Services.exe and click the Services.exe option that will appear in your start menu.

Step Two

In Services.exe scroll down until you see TabletServicesWacom, and right click that beast.

Step Three



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  1. Mike Millar

    Great founding! I always having hard time restart my computer everytime my wacom stopped working unexpectedly. However, There are no “TabletServiceWacom” in my services.exe, either of my wacom driver is different version or my wacom type. Instead, I restarted “Wacom Consumer Service” and my wacom started working again. Thank you so much.

    1. Seaseme

      Hm, maybe their newer drivers have renamed the service. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll update the article.

        1. Sarah

          I still can’t seem to be able to restart it.
          The names are there but the restart option is not available.

  2. Chelsea

    That specific name isn’t listed in my Services; instead I have “Tablet PC Input Service” and “Wacom Professional Service”. I tried these steps but with the “Tablet PC Input Service”, and I get the touch function back, but the pen is still unresponsive.

  3. michaelstearns

    This is great and fixes half of my problems! How about a fix for when my tablet is still working but pressure sensitivity has gone away for some reason? 🙁

    1. Seaseme

      Hi Michael –

      Can you tell me what kind of tablet you have? It seems that a few different people have had this problem recently, and I’m trying to figure out a fix so I may update the article. Thanks!

      1. michaelstearns

        Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this problem, sort of! I’ve got a USB Intuos 3, and if it makes any difference running Windows 7 sp1.

    2. Alice

      I have the same problem! But I fixed it. When finding “Wacom professional sevice” or any of the other titles try restarting it first and then right click it and see if you have the options of editing the properties. Select tab recovery and you will see “first failure” “second failure” and “subsequent failures” select the menu next to “first failure” and click “restart the service” select OK at the bottom and it should work again!

  4. Kayden

    Do you have any quick solution for when the tablet driver doesn’t start running at all? Its an error I get on start up for my computer it seems almost 50% of the time. Really annoying to have to spend half an hour plus just re-starting my computer over and over to get it working.

    I’m running a bamboo connect on Windows 7

    1. Seaseme

      Hi Kayden!

      Good question! I do believe there is a way to do this.

      So, one notorious solution to this problem is to just uninstall / reinstall your wacom drivers when they’re turned off. This is annoying.

      So, if there is a time when you need to restart your services, you need to reinstall, then follow this tutorial.

      The only difference, this time, look for the service “Wacom Consumer Service”, it might also be called “TabletServiceWacom” on your install, it seems to change between models.

      Double click it, in that window you will see an option on how you want this service to be run. There should be an option called “Service Startup Type” – Make sure this is set to Automatic.

      On the event that you restart, and your drivers aren’t running agian, you should be able to follow this tutorial, find either “Wacom Consumer Service” or “TabletServiceWacom” and just right click and press Start.

  5. AkeemR101

    Thank you, what a great solution! It’s a pity this happens at all though, surely there’s no reason for it.

  6. Ricky Curtin

    IMPORTANT: With the Wacom Intous Pro (and possibly others), the service is under the name “Wacom Professional Service”
    Since the Intous Pro is under a different name, chances are that if you have a Critiq, it might be under a different name as well.

    Everything else is done the exact same way.

  7. William

    Why have they not fixed this issue? Why does it happen? Another thing, I get the tablet driver was not found or something similar during Windows boot up if it is taking extra long. It has been going on and on for years. Never fixed. Getting very frustrating with my creative flow.

    1. Tanner

      Tell me about it.

      We wrote this article initially over two years ago! As a Wacom user for just under ten years now I can confirm that this bug has existed ever since I began using them – it’s incredible that it’s never been fixed. SO many hours have been lost to rebooting and just messing around trying to come up with this solution. Glad it worked for you!

  8. pirate

    it will not work right if you’re using dual monitors.

    the wacom properties will still fail to boot up (THE TABLET DRIVER WAS NOT FOUND), and the tablet will now get stretched across both screens, becoming even worse off than when the driver was partially crashed and lost pressure sensitivity.

    1. Tanner

      I use dual monitors, as do many other people that this routinely works for – What kind of tablet are you using? Have you tried the “FixMyPen” utility?

  9. Nomen

    I have a new Intuos Pen & Touch medium and I can only find “Tablet PC Input Service” and “Wacom Professional Service” but restarting neither helps at all; my pressure sensitivity is completely gone, even though it still functions aside from that (I just have the touch turned off, so I don’t know anything about that). I’m running Windows 7 and haven’t had this tablet for very long, and this is driving me crazy. I don’t see why they don’t fix this, it’s not even one of those glitches or intentional flaws that makes you buy a new one, all it does is irritate you…

  10. alekesam

    Yes! Thanx for this. My tablet has been buggy for almost a week and I couldn’t figure out what was the deal. Now I have a much less stressful holiday season. Thank you again.

  11. Enki

    This is amazing, my comp is a bit old now so restarting it is like an event unto itself.

    My tip for anyone trying this:
    – On win 7 when you search services there’s 2 options. Click the one with the Gears icon NOT the one with the EXE icon.
    – Second Tip: If the restart does not fix your tablet then make sure any program that uses your tablet is closed when you do the restart.
    –EX: photoshop, modo, zbrush. I say this because it wasn’t working for me until I closed photoshop then next restart worked perfectly.

    Thanks again and goodluck!

  12. Green

    I did this figuring it’d fix the pressure sensitivity problem but now my tablet refuses to work at all unless I unplug and plug it back in, and there’s still no pressure sensitivity. Looks like my main problem is the fact that THAT pressure sensitivity goes out and not the fact that the tablet itself does. It’s infuriating. Any fix?

  13. Umar

    It does work for me but I am tired of restarting driver every 60 minutes or on PC restart.
    I already re-installed the latest driver and I even tried the driver on clean installation of window. There is something wrong with wacom drivers and they should fix it for GOD sake !

  14. Lucato

    Hi there, thanks for this article.
    This is a great workaround for not restarting windows, but the issue remains when turning the computer on. Did you get to find any solution to get to make the service always starts with windows starts?
    I saw also you mentioned that you use dual monitors, I use too, even more, do you get the problem that the mouse cursor moves to another monitor when you open a certain software? If so, did you get any solution for it?
    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  15. Tabby

    Thanks a lot. I have this page bookmarked because although it does work I still get issues and have to repeat these steps from time to time.

    To access that menu I had to type “services.msc”, not “services.exe”.

    This worked for me when I could find Wacom Professional Service, but now that option seems to have disappeared. Restarting “Tablet PC Input Service” seemed to do the trick.

  16. Marcotonio

    Just a heads up: there is an easier way to do this. You just open up Wacom Preference File Utility and, under “All Users”, press the Remove button. This will reset your tablet settings to default (do it with the drawing software closed, just in case).

    My issue with both restarting the service or Removing preferences it my mouse… after I’ve recovered tablet pressure, both my touchpad and my mouse will get oversensitive and shaky when I drag the cursor. It’s like it’s moving on little right angles, a diagonal stroke in Paint looks like a small stair. I’m trying to find a fix to it for some time, but still no cigar; only rebooting solves this one!

    Might have something to do with my touchpad driver (Synaptics), but I don’t know if the USB mouse would be also being affected in this case.

  17. Wolfy Snackrib

    Thank you so much for this. It made it work again. I absolutely despise restarts. I once went 60 days without a restart.

  18. jon-chan

    Thank you so very much! Really really works like a charm!
    Yup there’s no TabletServicesWacom, but I found the same service like Mike Millar above said and it wooorked 🙂

    Btw my problem is not that it stopped, but sometime in the app I used to draw, the stylus pressure wasn’t active, and it’s just became an awkward line with no pressure whatsoever. I tried this aaaand it went normal 🙂

  19. kadla

    i tried this but my tablet still isnt working. i have a wacom bamboo pen and touch for manga and its annoying the heck otta me because every time i open paint tool SAI to draw the pressure is turned off so i restart everything like this but it doesn’t fix anything. can anyone help me?

  20. thegriffin88

    Oh my word, I can’t believe it. I watch tv on my computer too, so I hate, hate, HATE restarting because usually I find out the damn thing’s not working right as I’m starting up a show. This is a miracle.

  21. Invertex

    Just a heads up for other users, there is another fix I had figured out and have been using for years now, it’s also quite simple to use.

    Open your Wacom Preference File Utility, and make a backup of your working configuration.
    Now go to where this file is and do an “Open With..” and set the Wacom Preference File Utility as the program to open the file with.

    Now whenever you need your tablet to start working properly again in SAI, ZBrush, Photoshop, etc… Just double click this file to reboot your tablet in a sense and have things work.

    Hopefully it helps some people, probably won’t solve everyone’s issues. The nice thing about this is you can also save different configurations for different programs you use, and if you pin the utility to your task bar, your preference files will show in the pop-up when you hover over! Super convenient.

  22. Jim

    This is what I did:
    First, close every drawing program that uses the tablet (e.g Photoshop)
    Then open the “services.msc”
    Instead of clicking the “restart serivce” button, I clicked the “Stop Service” button for both “Wacom Consumer Service” and “Wacom Professional Service”.
    After stopping the two services. I clicked the “Start service” button for both “Wacom Consumer Service” and “Wacom Professional Service”.
    Then everything worked smoothly, including the pressure sensor.

    Btw, I am using Cintiq Companion Hybrid. The 13 inch Cintiq with Android system.

    1. GenGen

      This, dear Jim, fixed my issue!
      I tried following the steps of the general article, but without any results.
      So closing the drawing software, stopping BOTH Wacom Services and then restarting them fixed it. I got my pen-pressure back without having to restart my computer.

      Thank you lots.

  23. Eileen

    For the umpteenth time I got the ‘Tablet driver is not working’ notice when my PC started. I’d started the whole process of going to the Wacom site to reload the driver & it was really slow to connect. Becoming impatient I scrolled down, followed a link & found your page. Brilliant fix, for which many thanks! Your page bookmarked for the next time…

  24. Genisay

    Halelluah! Thank you so much!

    I do live streams every weekend, and one of the biggest thrones in my side has been whether or not my tablet will work when I got to start up the stream. Most of the time over the last couple of years (I don’t even know why), the answer has been no. And usually it leads to anywhere from one to five computer restarts before it’s up and running again, and I can get some work done.
    It’s fabulous to know I can reset it with out having to restart my computer, which only has a small chance of working at all.
    It’s amazing how easy some of these things are when you know where to find them, but how hard it can be to know where to look unless you have trained or much more experienced knowledge of over all system functions and workings.

  25. Diane

    I’m running Windows 8. I installed my Wacom Intous pro and it worked fine for a day. This morning my computer does not detect the device. I’ve tried everything, nothing it working. I just get a slow blinking light on the tablet. I did the ‘restart’, it did not help.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Tanner

      Hi Diane,

      Interesting issue – Is there, perhaps, another computer that you could try plugging your Wacom tablet in to to see if it is the tablet itself? This is a very strange issue. I would also try completely reinstalling the drivers. That might solve the issue – somehow these drivers are still absolute crap. Let me know if that fixes it, I can do some more research if not!

    2. Emma

      Hi! Did you fix your problem? How, if so? I have the same one and it’s killing me! Techsupport can’t do anything and just says it’s my Windows’ fault

  26. Liza


    What should I do if nothing appears when I type ‘services’ in my start menu?
    Thank you so much in advance))


    I have a unique problem associated with my Wacom Driver I hope someone can help me with. I am using a Cintiq 22 HD and Windows 7. The only driver that currently works is version 636-3, dated 3 Sept 2014. All later Wacom drivers will not work. I follow all the proper procedures: unplug the Cintiq USB before I uninstall, then restart, then install the new driver, then restart, then plug the Cintiq USB back in. Following this, I followed the procedures you provided, to no avail. I receive a message the driver was installed but when I click on the Wacom Tablet Properties, I receive the error message, “The Tablet Driver was not found”. I have telephoned Wacom numerous time and talked to “technicians” who have not been able to help me. Last but not least, I hauled the Cintiq and my PC into a computer repair store who performed a diagnostic and found nothing wrong. This is so FRUSTRATING! What is the point in purchasing this expensive tablet if I can’t keep the drivers up to date? I am curious if anyone else has experienced this problem and if so, how was it corrected?

    1. Tanner

      Hi Lowell,

      I’m very sorry to hear about this issue – what a nightmare these drivers are! I cannot believe how bad Wacom support is for them, nor can I believe that this issue has been around for the past decade plus. It really shows you what kind of company Wacom is when they cannot get to the bottom of this.

      I believe I do know of a solution, and I know it might be something you’ve already tried – however, bare with me.

      Please make sure your Cintiq is plugged in to the BACK of your computer, and not in the front I/O panel. Please try unplugging your cintiq from your USB port and plugging it in to a different one. USB3.0 ports are Blue (in most cases) and sometimes have horrible compatibility with older USB cables. Try every USB port on the back of your system, because sometimes there will be no way to distinguish visually which ports are USB 1/2/3/4/x.

      I know that’s not great support, but that’s something that I’ve fixed on mine which was giving me the same error.

      1. Matt Jobson

        I have a Cintiq 24″ HD Touch and for the past 3 weeks I haven’t had touch or drawing capabilities. I had tried everything I could think of software side; but it seemed like a hardware issue to me. Anway, your comments regarding usb piqued my interest Tanner.

        But I have a laptop with no USB 2.0’s so I couldn’t test that theory. But I wanted to test for freyed cords or something amis on the hardware side. So I pulled off the rear plate on the base to see if the usb was causing issues there and it looked totally fine…..

        But then I saw where the usb was leading to and thought i’d try to open up the whole back panel to see if it was something there. To my surprise there are simple removable panels at the back and they expose USB and power on the left side and DVI and Displayport on the right side………. The USB plug had somehow become detached. If you have kids they may pull on cords really hard!!!)

        Either way. I thought i’d mention this as I haven’t seen it anywhere on the internet yet. My issue was impossible to solve with software and if i hadn’t read your thing about USB I would have thought all the USB cable was for, was to help transmit data for the usb plug on the side.

        So, I guess thanks is in order and I hope my reply will save someone else 3 weeks of complete frustration!!!


    I wrote about a problem I am having with installing current Wacom drivers for my Cintiqu 22HD but can not find it on this thread. If it was not allowed to be posted, can you provide me with details why not. I am hopeful someone can help me with this problem since others using Windows 7 may have a similar problem. A response would be appreciated.


  29. Raen

    Doesn’t work for me, sadly. I have a Bamboo Fun&Touch. The only Wacom service I have is called WTabletServiceCon and restarting that doesn’t help.

  30. Ichii

    Hello, My Wacom tablet is still not picking up my pen… the touch works… but the pen is not being picked up at all… can you please help me? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  31. Francisco

    Wow! Great! It’s a huge amount of time wasted restart the PC all the time due to windows problems. Thanks!

  32. Auxalie

    Hi, I got a Wacom Instuos a week ago and I can’t get it to work properly: at startup, the tablet driver is not found, I can’t access to the tablet options either. I can still use it thanks to the Tablet PC app in Windows though but there’s no pressure sensitivity. I tried reinstalling the drivers, disabling the Tablet PC app in case it was messing up the Wacom driver… Nothing. Any suggestions ? 🙁

  33. Anonym

    One problem when I open the Service thing I click on Wacom Professional Service
    i can’t click restart it won’t let me click on any of those
    any Help ?!

  34. Fletch

    Thank you so much!
    I’d had no problems with my bamboo tablet, but when I switched to my intuos, the driver kept derping out and this is a lifesaver!

  35. Mitchell

    I have the same problem as others above – that in the services.exe window i only have the “Tablet PC input service” and Wacom Professional Service – restarting either of them does not fix the problem i get which is that when my tablet driver fails and i restart, i cant get my preferences to work again. I am Left handed so i have the Wacom inverted so the buttons are on my right, but when the tablet driver fails it all just reverts to teh right handed default and restarting the service simply does not fix this up. I wonder if any other left handed users have this issue?

  36. Arcticflare AJ

    Omg thank you so much you just saved me 5 hours of my life XD ily though seriously that was so helpful

  37. raghda

    I didnt Find “TabletServicesWacom”!!!
    what to do
    this problem how many time i fixed its keep showing up!!!

  38. Jim H.

    A tip which will help “restart” the service automatically ! Start / services / Wacom Professional Service / right click on this and go to Properties / click on Recovery / Change all “failure to start” to “Restart the Service” ( should be three) then click apply! Note: the service may be under a different name such as PC table service etc.

  39. Larissa Redeker

    Thanxs for this! It’s saved me.

    I cannot turn off my work computer, due to a problem in the mainboard, and the pressure of my Intuos stopped to work. And I was, “what I do now?”. And found this post. The solution worked like a charm 😀

  40. Tim Turner

    For anyone still having the problem after restarting the service, sometimes the old service stays still running even after you restart it so you end up running two services.

    You can fix it by going into the Task Manager and clicking on Processes tab and ending (right-clicking and End Process) all the processes called “Wacom_Tablet.exe” (or something similar for earlier versions).

    If it says Access is Denied, click on the “Show processes from all users” button in the Task Manager and try again.

    Once all the processes are ended, try restarting the service again and it should hopefully work!

    1. Mackenzie

      BLESS YOU!!!! I was so stressed out because the regular Services restart didn’t work for me today (I have to restart the service literally every time I plug my tablet into my laptop) and I was freaking out that my tablet had finally kicked the bucket and that I’d have to buy a new one. But your piece of advice was exactly what I needed, so THANK YOU for basically saving my life :,)

    2. Lee

      Thank you so much. After months of restarts and failed work-arounds, this is the fix that instantly helped me. (Intuos 5 on Win7.) You’re a lifesaver!

    3. Libberachi

      You can also STOP the related service(s) before restarting them. That works for me, and is faster than hunting down the related .exe file(s).

  41. Tuxedo Cat

    I plugged in tablet and it said that drivers installed successfully – the tablet’s lights are on but it’s not working.

    I go to Control Panel > Devices, and it shows the Wacom icon for my Intuos and it shows that my Wacom Tablet is connected. I double-click the Wacom icon and it goes to General Options where I can see the model number and manufacturer and etc. I click on Hardware > Properties, and it says that device is working properly. In the Properties menu I click on Driver > Driver Details. It then says “No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device.” It’s still not working.

    I followed the steps that you mentioned above, but when I bring up Services all I see is “Tablet PC Input Service.”

    There is no TabletServiceWacom or anything . The word Wacom is absolutely no where on the Services list.

  42. Spencer Tinnin

    On Windows 10, it is called “Wacom Professional Service”
    Thank you so much for this, it will save me so much time in the future!

  43. Herbert

    Thank you so much! This did the trick! As Spencer above said – in Windows 10 it is labeled as “Wacom Professional Service”.

    Windows 10 + Wacom Intuos 4 ( Tested on ZBrush and all works now! )

    Thanks again!

  44. Maddie

    This didn’t work for me.
    I used to use a six-year-old Bamboo Pen & Touch and for the longest time I thought it was the tablet. A few weeks ago, however, that tablet kicked the bucket and I purchased an Intuos Draw. Windows 10 does the same thing but more frequently, and when I try to go into the Wacom Preference Utility, it tells me a supported tablet wasn’t found on the system.

  45. Thomas Lynch

    wow, these wacom folks are garbage programmers. this is the ONLY device i have this kind of trouble getting the usb device to recgonize, then it doesn’
    t work, I am stoppoiiung and playing with services, uninstalling drivers, reinstalling and downloading drivers??? I just wasted 2 hours ………. I borrowed it from my daughter to draw a little anything and play with it in Photoshop, Lightroom, etc

    I have been in IT and computers for over 30 years. my first computer was a SWTP 6809 CP/M machine and then an IBM PC.

    WACOM this is embarrassing looking at this thread and MANY MANY others and having this kind of problem……you can’t blame Microsoft for this crap driver! Heck a $9.99 usb mouse is recognized 100% of the time, and your dumb tablet FAILS over 95% of the time on all ports on my Windows 10 machine.

    Is pot legalized where you do you code? You should check. Truly feel embarrassed for you and ripped off. Putting it back on my daughter’s desk (where it has been largely unused with her MAC. I assume thats who you care about and hopefully it works better on the Apple junk.

    Garbage drivers and programming – shame on you!

    ~ Thomas ~

    Thomas J. Lynch | [email protected] | +1 (631) 384-5791 |

  46. Thomas Underhaug Fosseli


    The service stops every time it’s in hibernation. So I took it one step further and made a batch file.

    In notepad:
    net stop WTabletServicePro
    net start WTabletServicePro
    net stop WTabletServiceISD
    net start WTabletServiceISD

    Then just run as admin to restart.

    Just check what the service name is on you specific driver. In my case its “WTabletServicePro” and “WTabletServicePro”. For you it might be a different name. Right click properties on your service to find its name.

  47. Ric

    FREAKING AWESOME !!.. I scrolled down farther in the Service Window after the Tablet PC Input Service and found the Wacom Professional Services..Started that and everything works great. I also went in to it and set it to restart if it fails to start.

    Thank YOU !!

  48. Olina

    I kept thinking that it’s my fault for years~ something like “somebody” just not getting along with 3C products. Until today, I couldn’t help it anymore and googled it.
    I found a discussion like “Something in Win 7 blocking Wacom Pro tablet driver from working” as below.
    Also I found your/this article before downloading anything.

    Thank you thank you very very much!!! You saved billion artists’ time!!!!!

  49. Harvey

    I think I found an easier fix to this Wacom driver problem.
    I’m running Win 10 with Wacom driver 6.3.16-2 and a medium sized Intuos tablet, I believe this is their latest driver.
    I to was loosing the driver every time I restarted the computer.
    Once I got the tablet running and set up how I wanted I went to the Win icon > All Apps > Wacom Tablet > Wacom Tablet Preferences File Utility then dragged and dropped that folder onto my desktop.
    I then clicked “Backup” and saved the setup.
    Now when I restart my computer and loose the Wacom driver I simply open the utility folder and click “Restore” and “Yes” and as if by magic my tablet driver starts up and I’m good to go.
    Hope this works for everybody.

  50. John

    I purchased a Wacom Intuos Pro in August 2015 to use with Lightroom and other photography programs. I have had nothing but problems including the driver not found issue others have described. Additionally, I have had a problem with the pen. When I move a slider in Lightroom and take my pen away, the position I selected changes. I have contacted Wacom Technical Support more times than I would like and wasted many many many hours with these issues.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem with the pen and if so does anyone know of a solution.

  51. Dakota14breyer

    HELP! I have a really old tablet and a really new computer, and they aren’t playing well together. I have a Windows 10 HP desktop computer and a Wacom GD-0912-R tablet with a Serial D9 to USB adapter I bought from Amazon. Everything seemed to be plugging in alright and the little light on the top of the tablet is on, but it won’t work. It responds to the pen touching it, but nothing happens onscreen. PLEASE HELP!

  52. Emma

    So I’ve tried this, and it seems that nothing happened. The tablet does not have pressure sensitivity and when I try to mess around with the settings, it still says “THE TABLET DRIVER IS NOT FOUND.” It’s a pain to restart my computer every time, what now?

  53. Terbo

    Oh the irony that “services” won’t load for me, neither with the admin password. I double-click it, it seems to load for a second, then nothing happens anymore…

  54. Saber Tooth

    This worked like a charm with my cintiq 22 HD touch…right up until the most recent driver update…now this works intermittently. It will work once and then if it goes to sleep I have to restart the computer because it won’t work again til after the next shutdown/restart -_-

    please help if you can

  55. webtrekker

    This worked for me, after everything else failed.

    (Intuous Pen & Touch Medium).

    1. Go to ‘Services’ as above.
    2. Locate the ‘Wacom Professional Services’ and right-click it.
    3. Do NOT click Restart! Instead, Click ‘Stop’ to stop the Service, then click ‘Start’ to start up the Service again and wait a short while until it has started up.
    4. Close the ‘Services’ dialogue.

    Now try your tablet out and, with luck, everything should be working fine again. I was particularly having this problem with zBrush, but now it works like a dream.

    Hope this helps a few of you. 🙂

  56. Itcheru


    I just want to share how I sort of temporarily fixed this issue.
    For me, what worked was to have the CD that comes with the package inserted to my CD ROM at startup of my laptop. The tablet has to be connected, too. That’s it. The Wacom Tablet Properties now opens and I can edit the settings so that pen pressure works for the programs I want it to work on. At some point, you can just remove the CD and pen pressure still works. I don’t know why, but that was the fix that worked for me.

    Hope this helps someone. 🙂

  57. Ozgur

    A similar technique seems to work with the Asus M80TA Wacom pen problem. In that case just stop the Wacom ISD Service. Thank you for the solution.

  58. Paul

    This is my go-to page whenever my Wacom goes crazy (what often happens is when I wake my Windows 7 PC after it’s been sleeping, the movement of the Wacom mouse on the tablet is VERY slow and REVERSED). Luckily I also have a cheapo mouse plugged in for just such an eventuality!

    THANK YOU for this!

  59. nikosnavr

    still doesn’t work
    both keys on pen became right click
    touchpad stoped working
    penpressure stopped working

  60. Alyssa

    I can’t seem to find anything called ‘TabletServicesWacom’ or the other two options. Is there anything else I can try. I use a UGEE Interactive Pen Display 1910B.

  61. G.R.

    THANK YOU. I’ve been restarting my computer for years over this stupid issue. What a pain in the a$$.

  62. Ulli

    On some tablet drivers(intous and cintiq most specifically) it’s Wacom Professional Service but the services thing works!

  63. Horror

    Unfortunately this did not solve my problem.

    For me my tablet has been (after a day of use with no issues) it either skips around on my screen when i use the pen or touch stays perminately on and it doesnt have any pressure sensing and in the very rare cases when touch isnt on it’ll still not sense preassure when i try to draw.

    Lately its been making me restart repeatedly because of these problems and no such luck on finding the solution. Im constantly have to update my driver and 98% of the time making me restart after. Very very verrrry rarely it will just say “Tablet successfully updated” for me and not make me doing anything further. Makes trying to do art extremely tiring for me since i can only get a days worth done at a time.

  64. Sumon

    Thanks, but my problem is different, my tablet is Cintiq companion, proffessional creative tablet model DTH W1310, my problem is, its not starting, while press power green led on but no display!

  65. zerok

    use PenTablet_5.2.5-5a_2 driver (bamboo) for graphire 3 wacom
    it work well without any restart and any another play in tambourine

  66. Stanimir

    I do not know if anyone will read my comment.
    I have a problem.
    First menu does not go this: “Tablet Service Wacom”. There simply is no such menu.

    When I start it Wacom Intous 4 exe. he begins to install itself.

    But in the end of installation come this message.

    For now i really can’t start my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet at any way

    I do not know if I explained my problem well enough and if there is anyone who can help me for this problem.

  67. Jonathan

    I’ve already said thanks… But I feel compelled to say thanks again. This trick has saved my butt so many times. When a client needs work done in a half an hour and my tablet drivers are lost it just takes three clicks and my setup is back up and running. Other times, when my muse strikes me… I don’t want technical problems getting in the way. So I always use this if things go wrong.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Cintiq. As a piece of hardware it simply cannot be beat. It’s just this little hiccup that used to be way worse, is now solved.

    Thank you. You really do have my gratitude.

    Have a nice day.


  68. Caitlin

    Yeah… this used to work, but now it ONLY works if I stop the service thing, THEN turn off my computer and start it up again. I’M SO TIRED OF THIS, IT’S SO TIME CONSUMING!

    Anyone else with this problem?

  69. Ivan RichUncle

    Hi, all
    I have Cintiq 13 HD Touch and I have completely different problem,
    which come with the latest WacomTablet_6.3.18-5 driver.
    Problem is with touch options, when in touch op. Enable Touch Input is ON, it`s close to
    impossible to draw, every time hand touches the screen, the pen stops working normally,
    and goes “wild“. That is most notably in PhotoShop and Manga Studio 5.
    When Enable Touch Input is off, everything is ok, but there is no more touch, my Ciniq 13 HD Touch
    becomes plain 13 HD 😀 I tried to adjust things in its options, but it didn`t work.
    This never happened before, drawing and touch were working fine together, and touching screen with a hand
    was not a problem.
    If someone knows a solution, but I do not have to come back to the previous driver, I would appreciate it a lot.

  70. Chica

    Howdy! I tried your solution about five times now, but it still doesn’t work. And the funny thing is-
    This only happens to me when ever I close sai or sai crashes on me, and I cant get it to work. I’ve tried sop many things, but I can only restart, wasting so much time I could have used to practice sketching. Am I doing something wrong restarting it?

  71. LeRatJame

    Mine Still Doesn’t Work, My Wacom Won’t work no matter what I do. I’ve Uninstalled It and Installed It, I’ve Restarted my laptop, I’ve Tried Restarting the program. Absolutely nothing. ;-; The only time If shows a light Is If I Press the big button on the side. :I
    My Wacom Isn’t Even A year old.

  72. Bob

    I’ve tried everything suggested above, yes, everything, and only get random, temporary relief from the problem of losing access to my Intuos Pro Medium. I’ve had this for about a year and have had problems since day one with “driver not found” errors. Previously, I had a Bamboo tablet and suffered the same issues but put it down to the Bamboo being a cheap tablet. On the occasions (many) when I have contacted Wacom Support they always say that there are no faults in their software and the problems must lie specifically with my PC. I find it hard to believe that everyone on this website and the many others I have visited all have this unique combination of contributors to the failure that I have, especially when they use Windows 7, 8 and 10!
    Isn’t it time that all of the users on this site and all of the other similar sites got together and petitioned Wacom to sort the Windows versions of their software (I don’t think I have ever seen the same fault reported by an Apple user)? As individuals we get no support, maybe as a significant group we could attract their attention.

  73. SexyNoodle

    I had this problem dozens of times, and I even had a hell of time INSTALLING the damn drivers for the tablet, even though it was right out of the box. They just wouldn’t install. Finally, after going deep into the software, I said screw it.

    A buddy of mine on Reddit mentioned this, and it has worked without a hitch ever since: Download the British or Asian drivers for your tablet model! I decompiled the software for both and compared them to the US drivers, and the programming was light years better than that of the US driver versions.

    This may not exactly apply to this situation, but it’s definitely worth a shot – I just thought I’d let everyone here know.

  74. stewart canham

    Just to say the only way I managed to solve this problem was to uninstall every thing, and look in the system 32 fold for any thing to do with Wacom and remove. I then did a restart and re installed the drivers with the tablet “not” plugged in did another restart and then plugged the tablet back, it then asked me to do another restart which I did, and so far (three days later) all seems to be working just fine.


  75. tammy klein

    Doesn’t work for me. Running Win 7. I get an error message that says “Windows could not start the Wacom Professional Service on Local Computer.

    Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

  76. Don Risi

    What a brilliant solution. Wish I’d known about this when I was still on a Windows machine.

    But now I’m on a Mac, and haven’t had this problem — until this morning. So I rebooted.

    Any idea how to do this on a Mac, so I can avoid the need to reboot?


  77. Whobleyh

    I also had the ‘device’not found problem’, tried this but this was not the problem.
    It’s kinda stupid but I’m sharing as I believe others can make the mistake XD
    I went to not and since I live in europe the drivers where not the good one 🙂
    Hope this helps someone XD
    Still got a problem tho, think it is since my tablet is a already more then 8 years intous3.
    Filled the model in the search and windows 10 support. Got list of the drivers compatible.
    Took top updated one. Install it all, hooray device is recognized, but when I try a program it says that the tabletversions are not right …
    tried one below, same 🙁
    So any suggestion where to find the right version for my oldy tablet as the eu site atleast doesn’t direct me to the proper one 🙁
    (although I got the error I tried the tablet and indeed no pressure or grace :P)

  78. Anastasia

    After update to windows 10 my intuos 3 was just lost for the system and any driver installation does not helped me.
    Was ready to buy a new one… But now it’s is working again)))
    Thank you so much!!!

  79. FrankM

    I’d like to add a couple other tips that have helped me over time.

    1) If you’re not getting Tanner’s tip to work (btw – Thank You!) try some or all of these ideas:

    In the Services Window choose “Stop” (not Restart) then,

    Look in Windows Task Manager > Processes > Image Name column; if there are multiple instances of anything named Wacom…. click on it and click the “End Process” button; (Sometimes multiple instances of the same .exe file will cause constipation in the system.)

    Go back to Services and “Start” Wacom Professional Service or TabletServicesWacom (which ever you have)

    2) I use the Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility to save my configuration because every once in a while Wacom will fart away my settings.

    C:\Program Files\Tablet\Wacom\32\PrefUtil.exe

    It has a crude interface and I wish I could tell you how/where I found it. But it was too long ago to remember. If you don’t see it, I searched the web, maybe you can find it, too. You can also use the Wacom Desktop Center, a little fancier and you can backup preferences to the Wacom Cloud.

    3) There’s also a PDF (Wacom User’s Manual.pdf) out there somewhere that may help. If I could find it, you can too.

    FYI: I’m running Ituos3 PTZ-630 6″x8″ tablet, driver 6.3.15, Windows 7 Pro SP-1, 64 bit with two monitors.

    It’s sick that this thread is 2+ yrs old and the problem is 10+ yrs old. Shame on Wacom. It just stinks. If/when I have to buy another tablet, I will look hard for another brand.

  80. Taylor

    A+++ information. You win.

    Been fighting with this issue for years. Had no idea it was such a wide-spread glitch, somehow I thought it was just me and my products. So glad I found this page.

  81. Samantha

    I tried restarting the service multiple times, but it still isn’t working. What should I do now?

  82. Anonimous

    Super very helpful. Thanks!!! That was driving me crazy, having to restart my computer… Being a “tab-hoarder” you can imagine how I tremble to the word “restart” LOL!

  83. stewart

    Or you could do what I did and change the usb cable which had been on the tablet for about 5 years, and the tablet has moved about on the desk which I am always moving back to where it came from, so I guess over the years may be a tiny wire has broken??????

  84. Robin

    Hi! I run a Wacom Bamboo and I tried this. The first time it worked, but then it did it again today and, upon retrying this, it still didn’t work.
    I fixed it by stopping the service altogether and then starting it up, and it worked fine.

  85. Kathy

    HOLY MOLY! This worked for me too! I updated the Wacom driver with no change.
    I have a Cintiq 22 touch with win 10. It’s listed as Wacom Professional Services in Services.
    I’m using TB Harmony 14 and my pen strokes were 3″ away from the point.

  86. pat

    The only solution that worked for me: Get the oldest driver for your system, try it, if it does not work, get the next one above until it work.

  87. autumn

    uuuummmmmmm….. didnt work…… i dont have tabletservicewacom in my services……:( 🙁 What should i do?
    THANKS! 🙂

  88. I'm DOne

    UMMMM… I have Wacom Professional Service and Touch key board and handwriting panel service?
    And I’ve restarted both and my pen pressure is still shit?
    and I cant open the Wacom Tablet properties because it says there was no driver found or that there was no actual tablet found?
    Its wierd cus its still working, the pen pressure isnt tho?

  89. hadu

    it still didnt work for me QWQ do u have any suggestion on how to fix it .
    cuz this didnt work for me.
    i tried many times and other stuff to make it work but its not working.
    they say my driver isnt connect.

  90. Ice

    I’ve attempted this several times and my tablet still isn’t working properly. Is there anything else I can try?

  91. indig0F10w

    Epic advice, Wacom fail as usual… They should pay you 100$ for every reply posted here. Thanks.

  92. William Collins

    When I make a change, say to a size of a radial menu, the program shuts down…back to Services I go…starts up ok with Services but anything I try to change, off to see the wizard…the newest driver doesn’t help either…6.3.20-7 sucks….I wish they would pay some attention to these problems…I would like to get a refund, but that would impossible….Thanks.

  93. Sara

    THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG!!!!! ACTUALLY CRYING! ive been fighting with my tablet all weekend and this worked like magic

    1. Rachel

      For windows 8 go to Task Manager instead then click on more details. The name for the service then will be “WTabletServicePro.”

  94. HAPPY Wacom user

    OMG. O.M.G. I haven’t been this excited for a working quick fix in YEARS. Wacom’s drivers have been a constant headache, forcing me to restart sometimes up to 3 times in a row just to get them to start up; and usually when I’ve already started a project, have to stop what I’m doing, save, close, restart, restart, restart, and waste valuable time.

    Finding this just saved what little sanity I have left on the matter! I’m SO happy! Why I didn’t think to look up how to restart the driver/service without restarting years ago is beyond me; I didn’t know there was any other way to get back to work but waste time. It’s seriously given me headaches… but no more! Even though this was posted years ago now I hope you see this and I hope you know how grateful I am for this little tutorial! ♥

    Also just for reference… For some reason even though I’m using wacom’s drivers, it’s still listed in my services menu as “Tablet PC Input Service”. So if anyone else is having trouble locating the right thing to restart, that’ll likely be what to look for if you don’t see TabletServiceWacom.
    Also if you can’t open the services.exe, it’ll either be “Services” or just open the task manager, go to the services tab and click the “Services” button at the bottom of the window; at least in Windows 7, it blocks me from accessing it without admin privileges, so I have to go with the latter two options.

  95. Mạch Kim An

    Hey! There isn’t TabletServicesWacom or Wacom Consumer Service there’s just the one above you mentioned. Since I reinstalled the programme and updated the latest version, I can’t use the pen pressure and I can’t find Wacom Desktop Center. Please help me with this……PLEASE!!!

  96. Mona

    I have tryed EVERYTING now, but nothing solve this problem. So tired on my Intuos pro now. Why can’t Wacom fix this bug once and for all?

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