The Procedural Style of Bruno Afonseca

Bruno Afonseca has worked all over the industry over the past 5 years, from GameLoft Brazil to GameLoft Montreal. Bruno is now doing technical art and textures at Minority Media in Montreal. His portfolio is all over the place - but the highlights are his recent environment work, and his unbelievable eye ... Read More

The Brutalistic Retro Art of Ben Nicholas

Ben Nicholas (AKA Belgian Boolean, affectionately referred to as The CrackWizard) has worked for the past 5 years on games such as Halo Wars, Republique, and Halo 5 is known for his insane ability to turn hard-surface concepts in to glorious 3D visualizations. His portfolio is a whats what of re-imagined ... Read More

The Breathtaking Textures of Käy Vriend

Käy Vriend is a freelance Texture Artist working out of Noord-Holland, Netherlands - and for years and years has been one of the top Substance Artists in the world. We're pleased to have Kay as the subject our very first Artist Of The Week column. He currently runs his company Procedural ... Read More

Horizon: Zero Dawn – The GameTextures Review

It’s no secret that Sony has put a lot into Horizon: Zero Dawn. When the game was revealed at E3 2015, the reaction from the game press as well as fans and developers (of which I am both) was utter amazement. The first two minutes of the reveal trailer gives ... Read More

Storytelling in Game Environments

veryone who works on a video game is a story teller, whether or not they know it. Naturally, anyone who’s involved with the narrative makes their living creating stories and often times when we think of a story in a game, those writers are the only ones who are thought … Read More

Vertex Blending with Height Maps in Unreal 4

n 2009, Naughty Dog released Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on the PS3. The game itself was a huge leap over the original Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in almost every conceivable way. The gameplay was significantly tightened, the enemies were just a little less bullet spongy, the adventure was a globe-trotting affair, … Read More

Making Breakable Glass in Unreal Engine 4

Fracture and Sequencer: Easy Difficulty ot long ago I was working on a project for a client that required a glass shattering effect. I was working on a team with limited real-time experience on a non game project using Unreal and we discussed different options and methods to creating the effect … Read More