Storytelling in Game Environments

Battlefield 1 12.07.2016 -

veryone who works on a video game is a story teller, whether or not they know it. Naturally, anyone who’s involved with the narrative makes their living creating stories and often times when we think of a story in a game, those writers are the only ones who are thought … Read More

Vertex Blending with Height Maps in Unreal 4


n 2009, Naughty Dog released Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on the PS3. The game itself was a huge leap over the original Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in almost every conceivable way. The gameplay was significantly tightened, the enemies were just a little less bullet spongy, the adventure was a globe-trotting affair, … Read More

Making Breakable Glass in Unreal Engine 4


Fracture and Sequencer: Easy Difficulty ot long ago I was working on a project for a client that required a glass shattering effect. I was working on a team with limited real-time experience on a non game project using Unreal and we discussed different options and methods to creating the effect … Read More

Introducing Material Blender for Substance Source

Substance Source is amazing. It's the culmination of a collaboration between, and our partners Allegorithmic. We're super pumped to get access to our premium materials to the rest of the world, and Substance Source is an amazing starting place. However, as cool as it is, sometimes you just need ... Read More

Creating a Landscape Material Using Substances and Unreal Engine 4

In most games landscapes or terrain are always an apparent as an integral part of world building. This tutorial will cover the essentials needed to create your first Landscape Material using Substances from Substance Designer and Unreal Engine 4. Using Substances allows the user to edit complete texture sets fast and see your ... Read More

Breaking down The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886_20160704124821

The Order: 1886 is an important game, although many people don’t realize it. Delayed out of the “PS4 launch window” and released in early 2015 to middling reviews at many gaming press sites, The Order is an often overlooked game in the PlayStation 4’s library. While opinions on the game … Read More

A Video Game Artist’s Guide to the Gig Economy

Gig Economy (1)

I am a one man strike-team for hire. For the past few years I have bounced around from job to job, city to city. I’ve worked for some of the most talented people on Earth on some of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever heard of. Like 53 million Americans, … Read More

Creating a Basic Blend Material in Unreal Engine 4

The best way to approach creating a new Material is visualizing the final product first. By defining what core features and elements in the Material are desired can lend itself to the complete Material realization on its own. This tutorial focuses on the creation of a basic blend Material with the final goal to ... Read More

Creating A Multi-Purpose Glass Material in Unreal Engine 4

Creating a glass material has always been a troubling aspect for many developers whom are new to creating materials. In this tutorial we will cover creating a glass material that will serve multiple uses. We will create a base glass material with three main features/glass types: Glass Tint Reinforced Glass ... Read More